Project Gorgon patches alpha while holding an Indiegogo contest


A smaller build went live in Project Gorgon’s alpha this past week, bringing revisions to the hammer and ice magic skill sets. The hammer set received the most love, with three new skills that should make the player feel a bit more like Thor, what with all of the electrical hammer love.

Other patch changes included revisions to Rahu’s NPCs, the addition of more tailoring recipes, and a new scoring system for the word search minigame. Didn’t know Project Gorgon tucked a word search minigame in there that can be played against other gamers or NPCs? The more you know, my friends.

The team is also attempting to drum up more interest in its ongoing Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign by holding a referral contest. The backer who garners the most referrals during the contest run will win a Lord-tier package priced at $200. Currently the Indiegogo campaign has raised $8,700 from 112 backers.