Richard Garriott donates skull to player tavern during Shroud of the Avatar telethon


If you follow Shroud of the Avatar, you already know that studio Portalarium does seasonal streamed fundraisers to drive pledges for the game. Yesterday’s “Fall into Winter Telethon” raised $112,500¬†and apparently unlocked a number of new items for the game, including new emotes, an autumn fairy leaf dress, a squirrel pet, leaf and ice wings, and “ice & snow shooting bagpipes,” which is clearly a must-have.

One of the topics discussed during the multi-hour stream was the proposed PvP flagging penalty for players who pickpocket NPCs, which has Redditors debating just how much of classic Ultima Online should be wedged into its spiritual successor.

Another highlight was recorded by YouTuber JuusoV, who plucked out a section of a community event in the player-run town of Rift’s End where the citizens lag their way to the tavern and Richard “Lord British” Garriott hands over a skull to the innkeeper to add to the skull wall of this very fine establishment. Not quite as weird as the blood art, I suppose! We’ve included that, plus the Twitch streams, below.

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