RIFT responds to players who say Starfall Prophecy’s launch was a ‘mess’

Not all is rainbows, unicorns, and talking dragons over in the land of RIFT these days. Serious concerns have arisen about the MMO following the release of Starfall Prophecy, and in a well-organized thread on the forums, players have taken Trion Worlds to task for what they are calling a rushed, half-finished expansion.

“It shouldn’t have been launched, it clearly wasn’t ready,” the original poster said. “Minions and IAs, previously implemented systems, broke when the game launched, but on top of the countless bugs and being unable to finish story quests, half of the features announced with expansion were not ready for the live client as in they were disabled at launch. Yes, there are always bugs at launch of a new game. That’s nothing new, but there is a vast difference between bugs and launching with half the features of the expansion disabled.”

The thread garnered a response from Trion CM Linda Carlson, who said that the devs are listening and working hard to fix these broken issues. “All of the devs play the game, so they discuss the same issues internally, and everyone is committed to a good experience for all. We hate when things break and act as fast as possible to address them. To that end, we even postponed this week’s patch from the usual Wednesday, to try to cram as many fixes in as possible this week. It’s all in testing now, and we hope for a Thursday patch if all comes through.”

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