Check out a ton of footage of Lineage Eternal gameplay

Lineage Eternal: Seeper of Rolls.

Good news for Lineage Eternal fans who have eagerly waited for any news about the game: You have some videos to watch now. You’ve got nearly 40 minutes of footage to watch from the game’s current testing events, and it should give you an idea of what the game looks and plays like at the moment. It’s lengthy! It’s detailed! It might remind you of another title, but it actually exists!

It also comes to us courtesy of Steparu (who we mention a lot around these parts) and Aimix, so give them full credit for all of that captured footage.

The first video below is more of a general gameplay video, while the second is focused around group gameplay. Both are unofficial, of course, and neither one is replete with information about localization, but consider that the game is still in testing that part may be understandable. So what are you waiting for? The videos are right there.

Source: YouTube (1,2) via Reddit (1,2)
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