Crowfall shows off the many faces (and colors) of character customization


It’s easy to look at all of Crowfall’s screenshots up to now and be vaguely reminded of throwing action figures against one another. That’s not an aspersion on the art or animation teams; it’s just that the game hasn’t been showing off any character customization yet, focusing instead on looking at the individual archetypes in depth. But that’s all changing now, as players are invited to take a look at the many faces (and skin colors, and hair styles, and face paint) of the male Knight by way of introduction.

In addition to customizing the character, players will be able to customize the colors of their sets of armor with dyes, allowing guilds to have unified colors or individuals to just produce sublime organizations of shades. (Or possibly violate all laws of good taste.) So don’t worry about fading into the crowd when the game goes live; you’ll stand out after all. Which may not be such a good thing when your nemesis can track you down and go after you specifically, but you take the good with the bad.