Revelation Online shows off the Spiritshaper class

I really feel like a spirit is being shaped.
[AL:Rev]So you want to heal your friends, huh? It’s a good job, you know. Challenging work, outdoor and indoor opportunities, everyone wants to be your friend, and in Revelation Online you get to summon spirit beasts to do your bidding as well. Yes, the Spiritshaper is the game’s primary healing class, and it also does feature some shaping of spirits into offensive weapons. Look, you can’t win a fight just by healing people, sooner or later you need to hit back.

The benefits to playing the class are the fact that you can serve as a shield for your allies and heal the heck out of them, which means that Spiritshapers are pretty difficult to kill all around. On the other hand, all of that healing comes at the price of not having much in the way of offensive punch, and you’re not actually invulnerable. Check out the class in action just below if you don’t mind being more “indestructible object” than “unstoppable force.”

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