Allods Online is bringing cross-factional orders to the game with its next update

Order up!

When Allods Online patch 8.0 goes live, there are going to be new storyline events that remain hidden behind a veil of secrecy at the moment. But players can be assured that they’ll find out the details behind the three new Orders that are rising within the game before they’re asked to join the Orders. Yes, they’re three new sub-factions, and players will be expected to join up with one of them to earn standing and work with fellow players across factional lines.

Orders are open to players as soon as they hit level 75, with a given character joining only one of the three Orders available (and any incarnations of that same character joining automatically as well). Earning additional standing is as easy as taking part in high-end activities within the game, with members earning up additional merchandise at a specialized vendor as well as earning voting rights within the order. Unfortunately, the storyline spoilers prevent anyone from yet revealing the names of these orders, so you’ll simply have to speculate until the update goes live.


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