Shroud of the Avatar offers up Release 37 patch notes

Oh no, here we go.

It’s a busy month for the team behind Shroud of the Avatar. See, there’s some holiday or another this month (someone should probably write down what it is) that means the game’s usual four-week development cycle is knocked off of its axis and instead winds up working on just two weeks. Thus, the game’s release 37 is incoming today, which means that it’s a slightly smaller patch than normal… and it’s still pretty enormous by the standards of most games.

This patch addresses a number of performance issues for the game client while also updating Artoris visuals and some of the Path of Love content. There’s also the first iteration of Town Sieges as well as some combat balance shifts and the addition of overworld stealthing. You can check out all of the changes in the patch notes, or you can just download the patch now and get playing. Sort of a trial by fire approach, you know.

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