MMO Week in Review: ArcheAge’s tumult (December 18, 2016)

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ArcheAge dominated the week again as it continued to struggle with server hiccups in the wake of the Revelation expansion and the addition of fresh start servers.

We’ve also been working through our annual awards, so far voting on the most underrated MMO, biggest MMO story, most improved MMO, best and worst business model, best pseudo-MMO, and most likely to flop. And don’t miss our guide to MMORPG winter holiday events, many of which are live right now!

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

Perfect Ten: All the MMORPGs coming in 2017 - Right now we are in a strange place in MMORPG history. Following the backlash of WoW clones and several high-profile titles that underperformed, major studios are becoming extremely risk-averse to…
MapleStory 2 struggles in Korea - All might not be so dandy for MapleStory's sequel in Korea. MMO Culture is reporting that MapleStory 2 is struggling overseas even as it eyes a western release in the…
WoW Factor: 2016 in review for World of Warcraft - Talking about World of Warcraft in 2016 is really different because the game had two different years this year. And unfortunately for anyone trying to develop a comprehensive picture of…
Blade & Soul has gone free-to-play in Korea - Back during November's G-Star in Seoul, NCsoft announced that Blade & Soul's Korean version would be joining the Western and Taiwanese servers in their free-to-play business model, after four years as…

Trauma in World of Warcraft

Do we need a new Warcraft RTS?

Know Your Lore: What we don’t know yet about Legion

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