Take a look at the in-game theater scene outside of Final Fantasy XIV’s roleplaying server

And nobody knows you're getting it right.
If you’re playing on Balmung in Final Fantasy XIV, you are not wanting for player-run events. There are regular theater shows, cabaret events, haunted houses, parties, gatherings, and many other services offered by the server’s roleplayers. But what if you’re not on that server? Well, you can still take a look at what it looks like to put on a play for players on the Diabolos server, and that one you can probably get on to without having to transfer your characters.

It’s important to note that the organizers of this particular play are quick to point out that their company is not based around roleplaying; it’s just a form of community theater taking place in-game. Still, it’s a look behind the curtain at player-run events in the game, which may prove of interest. And it’s on a server not full to the brim with them a la Balmung.

Source: Kotaku; thanks to Kanbe for the tip!