First contact has occurred in Elite: Dangerous

Oh, look, it's gotten worse.

For quite some time, players in Elite: Dangerous have been finding… oddities. Odd structures on planetary surfaces. Odd bits, here and there. They were obviously hinting at something out in the depths of space, something that is distinctly not human. And now, for the first time, players have found that something… even thought what that something may be is entirely unclear.

The video was recorded by player DP Sayre and features what appears to be a ship of entirely unknown construction and origin doing… something. The ship in question appears to have been disabled, followed by what can be assumed to be some sort of scanning field emerging from the ship, at which point it flies off. What the ship intended or what the purpose is behind its investigation is unclear, but it’s a startling example of what is hidden in the depths of the game and what might yet be hiding.

Source: Forum thread, Video; thanks to Cotic, PhoenixDFire, and Pieter for the tips!

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