Throne of Lies creates a castle of backstabbing, deceit, and shaky alliances


Remember playing Werewolf or Mafia with your friends at parties, trying to deduce the killer while avoiding being killed yourself? The makers of Throne of Lies certainly hope so, because they’re literally banking on a demand for an online version to be made.

Throne of Lies is a multiplayer game of “lies and deceit” set in a medieval castle where a small group of players (between seven and 15) are assigned factions and have to make decisions every round to ensure their safety and ultimately reveal the traitor. The team has a lot of features planned for the game, including matchmaking, deathnotes, 30 classes, and public executions. Even if you are killed in a match, there are still several things for you to do, including hoping for a revival, talking to other corpses, and playing a special minigame.

Throne of Lies is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 to finish the project. A playable alpha could be coming as soon as Q1 2017. You can watch the trailer and Kickstarter pitch after the jump!

Source: Kickstarter
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