The Division is doubling the size of the Dark Zone

Which is good, because we have to justify that Xbox One purchase somehow.

The Division is planning a double threat of gaming goodness that will be coming soon to a console or PC near you. Ubisoft will be rolling out two major pieces of content simultaneously in the coming months, delivering both the paid Last Stand DLC and the free Update 1.6.

It is this latter update that the team recently discussed in detail, telling players that they should expect some major improvements even if they don’t drop money on the DLC. The headlining feature is an expansion of the Dark Zone which should double the size of the PvP zone from what it covers today.

There’s a ton of additional aspects of 1.6, including a Legendary difficulty mode for three missions. These will be far and away some of the toughest content of the game, with new mobs and vanity items for the victors.

“Update 1.6 will be a major update to The Division and brings a lot of new stuff to the game,” Ubisoft said. “We hope the changes to armor, skill power and resistances will make creating new builds more interesting and varied, and that the PvP changes we’re implementing will make player combat more balanced and fun in both the Dark Zone and in Last Stand.”

Source: Patch notes. Thanks A Dad Supreme!

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