Star Citizen aims for a mid-February patch


If you are not satisfied with being aware of a game at its broadest, highest-level perspective during development, you might be keen instead to know what is going on day-to-day with a title of particular interest. For these types, Star Citizen has posted a new production schedule for January, showing the planned progress over the next month on various projects.

The team said that it is aiming to bring out Patch 2.6.1 on February 16th, although these things do change. Between now and then, work is being done on Star Marine, ship balance, bugs, UI, and network improvements.

“2.6.1 is intended to be a bugfixing/polish patch rather than a larger content patch,” the team reported, “with the main aim of improving the player experience and building upon the foundations for features we introduced in 2.6.0. Because of this, we’re aiming for a closer release date than for our larger patches since there are fewer features being worked on. What we have represented in the schedule below are the smaller improvements to improve the player experience, such as further balancing to ship speeds, improvements to grenades in Star Marine, and some new additions to the menus.”

Source: Star Citizen

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