Ship of Heroes explains how you fit a city inside of a spaceship

Ah, that clears it right up, thanks.

Of the spiritual successors to City of Heroes, Ship of Heroes is the Johnny-come-lately that also puts all of the action inside of a gigantic spaceship which, in turn, fills that spaceship with a normal-looking Earth city. If your biggest takeaway from that (and our interview about that) was “how do you fit a city in a spaceship?” then we have good news: A new entry on the official site explains exactly how you do that. The short version? You make a really big spaceship.

The video just below shows of the dimensions of the FHS Justice, the eponymous ship full of heroes, which contains space for many different full-sized cities that each contain both underground and above-ground elements. It also sports very thick windows. You can feel free to do the math yourself if you’d like, but the short version is that there’s space in the ship, which should assuage any worries you might have had about this superheroes-in-space game seeming unrealistic.

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