SWTOR brings out a new operation, story with Update 5.2

With the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s latest update, the community finds itself very content with the latest offerings and wants no more. Just kidding; MMO players always are eager to hear what’s coming up next for their favorite title, and here it is no different. Fortunately, BioWare was game to talk about Update 5.2 on its latest producer’s livestream, and from the sound of it, the patch will be a major content drop for the game.

Update 5.2: The War for Iokath will bring much-needed group content to the game, including master mode uprisings and an operation to take on a deadly superweapon. All players will get to travel to Iokath, where they will get to go through a new storyline with a choice of factions. There will also be a new daily area and the return of two long-lost companions. The patch is planned for some time in either March or April.

BioWare said that it is working on getting players geared up faster in the near future. You can give the livestream a watch after the break.

Source: Dulfy
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