The Stream Team: House hunting in Elder Scrolls Online Homestead

Every adventurer needs a place to hang his or her hat… or helmet. This week, ZeniMax Online Studios gave all Elder Scrolls Online players an opportunity to find a hat rack and a home to go along with it. The Homestead update hit the live servers on Monday, and to supplement Bree’s video from yesterday, the stream team will explore this new addition to ESO.

At 2 p.m. EST, our resident Elder Scrolls fans, Bree Royce and Larry Everett, will give you a first-hand look into setting up your own home in…

What: Elder Scrolls Online
Who: Bree Royce and Larry Everett
When: 2:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Enjoy the show!

The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out past streams and playlists posted to our videos collection!

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Of note, the tropical Island is Argonian, just not the swamp dwelling variety.

I haven’t found one that really interests me. Ideally I would like a Khajiit house, but none of them have great views/scenery, which is more important to me that what is inside the house itself.

Major Glitch

Looking forward to Homestead dropping on consoles later this month. Zenimax is going to make a lot of money off of me.


My biggest two complaints with ESO housing are a lack of functionality and the “Other Cosmetic” limit.

Functionally speaking the best thing about houses is they can be recalled to without cost. So if I buy the 1m house in Wayrest that’s great cause it’s a capital city to recall to. However the issue is I have no need for crafting stations in there because I can just go outside in town and use those instead. Attuned stations are absurd at 250 crafting writs (7x the cost of normal) which considering you can just go out there is a huge waste of resources. Meanwhile putting my house in the middle of no where (Craglorn or some of the more obscure locations yet more impressive homes) has huge benefit to crafting stations (especially for working on crafts on alts) but completely useless in where they are located.

The “Other Cosmetic” limit was also immensely disappointing. Even with a Large home (Strident Springs) I’m limited to 8. That’s a ridiculous number for the amount of assistants, pets, and mounts that can be collected throughout the game.

Wanda Clamshuckr

The house I want requires the Imperial edition. Grr. Aside from that, I like the variety given that this is the first round of showcasing. I expect there will be many more released through the year, so I’m thinking of holding out until the Halloween event to grab something creepy.

Until then, I’m recipe hunting for my crafters, and gathering mats.

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Same as me then.
Haven’t picked any favorite places yet, i just keep playing the game (after returning recently) and hoard mats and recipes.
I’m really glad now that my woodworking and clothing is combined on one char, and both passed lv. 40.
Visited one of the manors. just to get an idea of the scale….goodness me.

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I like the housing, I think the variety is good and the extent of furnishing on the furnished versions is excellent – and ridiculously cheap compared to the cost of buying the furniture or the time that will be needed to craft it. I’m certainly buying a couple of furnished houses but at nominal cost in real money terms as they’ll mostly be funded from subscription crowns.

I missed the stream and it isn’t yet embedded for viewing seemingly, but I noticed that although the accompanying chat is accessible here (great move), you can only log in through Facebook (terrible move), shame that. How cool it would be to be able to comment and chat here on a single log in while it’s streaming!

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Not all that impressed with the housing. Non of the ones show matched my personal tastes and I certainly wouldn’t spend any rl cash on them.

I guess if you like the looks they may be worth while but they just didn’t work for me /sigh

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Does anyone know what addon/plugin Larry was using to get that swanky bar at the top of his screen with all the info on one bar?I’d love to check it out.