WildStar’s next update makes scaling down a little more viable

Full of sound and fury. Sadly.

If you’re at the level cap in WildStar, you’re probably looking forward to the game’s next update. If you aren’t at the level cap in WildStar… well, you will be once the update goes live because the update will allow you to get a free max-level character just for showing up. But what about your lower-level characters? Don’t they matter? The answer is a definite yes, as a tucked-away line in the official update announcement mentions that the patch will improve downscaling to lower-level content significantly.

The promise made is that players will be able to jump into lower-level content while still receiving appropriate rewards for the character level, so even if you want to spend all day on your max-level characters, you can still get something out of helping your lower-level friends. It’s the sort of thing that could massively rewrite the game’s extant leveling structure, so of course it’s buried away and easily missed in the announcement. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for the patch notes on this one, yes?

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