Shroud of the Avatar talks outskirts, plans summer telethon

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Today brings to a close Shroud of the Avatar’s most recent free trial, but the newsletters keep on rolling. This weekend’s update dives into the game’s new Outskirts feature, which is basically a series of locales between the starting areas and some of the much larger and more advanced zones, intended to give players a bit of a staging ground along their journey.

“Our first Outskirts scene is Solace Bridge Outskirts. It is downriver from Solace Bridge where the Solace River meets the ocean. The small army that was defeated at Solace Bridge has retreated here and sent on the villager refugees to Soltown. They have made camp in a ruined tower overlooking the swampy shoreline. However they are not getting to rest in their retreat for a nearby bandit camp is preying on them, stealing supplies. Plus across the river lie the ruins of an ancient village infested with the very undead they just retreated from! We hope to have this scene live in Release 41 or 42.”

The studio has also put a date on its next telethon: May 31st. In the meantime, Portalarium will run its monthly dev stream tomorrow, so expect more Q&A and a peek at this year’s development schedule too. Release 41 is expected on April 27th.


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Another telethon for the development of a game that they claim is still in pre-launch development, when for all intents and purposes is actually launched and won’t change much from now and when it “launches”….

Gary Turton

I see nothing wrong with the funding model they have adopted for this game. I get something for everything I put money forth into, which is a lot less then I can say for all the years of monthly subscriptions to Blizzard, EA, etc. I paid once for this game, now I only pay for what I CHOOSE to pay for, nothing more. They offer tons of great cosmetic bling, but its just that, bling. I don’t need it to succeed in the game.

Everything is available to buy with IGG because everything can be bought from other players as well as the Add-on Store. There is almost always a crafted or IGG version of add-on store items with less bling. There are also more and more “pattern” drops coming as loot to dress up your crafted items to snazzy alternatives.

Perhaps from the outside in, it may look like milking the cow over and over, but many players actually look forward to these events. Great Sales, Great Opportunity, Good People and Lots of Communication with the Dev Team.