World of Warcraft’s Dog makes the journey from garrison to Dalaran


World of Warcraft garrisons these days are a sad, lonely place. They’re still there, of course, languishing on DraenorĀ as a monument to yet another Blizzard feature introduced and abandoned in the span of a single expansion. Yet there might be a way to bring a small bit of garrisons over to Legion — if you have sharp enough eyes for it.

Players have discovered that there’s a pebble on the streets of Dalaran that can be used to retrieve an old friend. By taking this pebble back to your garrison and showing it to fan-favorite Dog, Dog will relocate to the pet shop in the floating mage city. How? Because Dog is magic, apparently. So woofy. Very travel.

Don’t believe us? There’s a video showing off this Easter egg after the jump!

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