Camelot Unchained shifts dev focus to beta gameplay


From the sound of this week’s Camelot Unchained newsletter, the team at City State is having a lot more fun now that beta development is starting to shift from engine tech to actual gameplay.

“We’re slowly moving from some of our system needs for Beta 1 and into more gameplay, which has, quite honestly, been bringing smiles to the team,” CSE writes. “We’ve started feeling more like we’re making a game and not a tech solution.” That’s got to be good news for fans salivating at the thought of eventually playing the beta, too!

The newsletter talks more about the work being done on character weapon animations, siege engines, and visual improvements to Camelot Unchained’s forests. The Seattle team also showed off pictures from their brand-new office digs.

Need more? Get the full end-of-week livestream from the devs after the jump.

Source: Newsletter

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