SWTOR lists class specs slated for Update 5.3 love

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BioWare has informed players that some of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s advanced classes and disciplines will be getting some changes and love with this summer’s Update 5.3. While the studio listed which builds are being targeted yesterday, it hasn’t yet posted all of the specifics of what these changes will be.

The list of classes and disciplines to be affected goes as such: Sorcerers (madness and corruption), Sage (balance and seer), Powertech (pyrotech), Vanguard (plasmatech), Assassin (hatred), Shadow (serenity), Sniper (virulence and engineering), Gunslinger (dirty fighting and saboteur), Mercenary (innovative ordnance and arsenal), and Commando (assault specialist and gunnery).

“Between data and player feedback, these are the disciplines that appear to be most in need of change,” BioWare said. “Whether that is that they are too good, or not good enough, these disciplines need attention first. If a class or discipline is missing from this list it doesn’t mean they won’t be receiving changes at all, it is just that they are not receiving changes in the near future.”


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Kane Hart

So is this an announcement of an announcement for an announcement? lol

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F the class changes, give us more classes dagnabbit!

Castagere Shaikura

More class changes man they just keep taking away the fun just for the pvp crowd. I guess thats all thats left in this game now.