EVE Online players own over a quadrillion ISK


EVE Online is often joked about as being “spreadsheets in space,” but that doesn’t exclude bar charts and other types of graphs in participating in the fun. For those who really love to delve into the numbers and get an overview of everything going on in this fantastically complex financial┬ásimulator, EVE Online has published its May economic report for the public’s perusal.

Most likely all of this would only interest those deeply invested in the economic scene, but for the layperson, it’s interesting to get a feel for the sheer amount of transactions and business done on a regular basis.

One graph that caught our eye totaled up how much money is owned by characters and corporations in the game. Collectively, players and corps have 1.089 quadrillion ISK in their pockets, with the players (877 trillion ISK) owning a vast majority over corporations (212 trillion ISK). Anyone want to convert that into real world dollars?

Source: EVE Online
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