World of Warcraft Patch 7.2.5 is coming on Tuesday; here’s Blizzard’s survival guide

You only have one more weekend to wait before experiencing the next chapter of World of Warcraft’s saga: Blizzard has announced that Patch 7.2.5 will release on Tuesday, June 13th.

While this isn’t as large as your average single-decimal point patch, 7.2.5 is going to add quite a bit to the game. The patch will open up the Tomb of Sargeras raid, add a time-traveling scenario with Chromie, welcome players to a templewalking version of the Black Temple, crack open another pet dungeon, and flesh out the micro-holiday schedule with the Trial of Style and the Auction Hall Dance Party.

Blizzard also said that it will be attending Gamescom 2017 in late August. Over on the community side of things, June 10th’s Running of the Trolls player event is raising funds for the Trevor Project, a charity that aims to reduce suicide rates among LGBTQ people.

Get your Patch 7.2.5 survival guide after the break!

Source: Twitter
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Giannis Papadopoulos

Who would have guessed that patch amd raid release would be 13/20 June…


Not to sound like a Dick but how does fund raising stop suicides? I remind you we have had suicide prevention hotlines since the 80’s. So how is this going to be any better as it seems like it is just lining someone else’s pocket? Suicide is a personal choice people due to depression, bullying, abuse, and other factors. No matter the amount of money raised nothing will change.

As for the game updates I am still patiently waiting.


Fundraisers like this one usually funnel donations towards buildings programs that assist at-risk individuals, social assistance programs, expanded scope of the hotlines, funding for psychological treatments, etc. Suicides are not always preventable, but saving even one life is worth it, in my opinion.

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Nicely put. I’ll probably either join the run and/or toss a small donation their way. I love watching gamers do charity gigs.


/Preach it

Malcolm Swoboda

And in my experience.

Malcolm Swoboda

“No matter the amount of money raised nothing will change.” Except in all the places that experience reduced suicides after funded programs attempt to minimize the occurrence of suicide.