Multiple countries will boycott the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games over e-sports concerns


Back in April, we wrote about how the Olympic Council of Asia and Alisports of China was aiming to bring e-sports to the Asian Games, reportedly the second-largest sporting event in the world, right behind The Olympics itself. In support of the move, the council cited the addition of e-sports to the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) in September as a “demonstration” sport featuring multiple games, including Dota 2, Starcraft II, and Hearthstone.

That may be in jeopardy now, however. SuperData reported this week that multiple countries have now backed out of the e-sports section¬†of the AIMAG competitions. South Korea’s e-sports division quit the event in May, followed by Australia in June and Thailand earlier in July.¬†Thailand, we should note, blocked participation in part over health concerns and “fears related to gaming addiction,” but South Korea and Australia raised objections over the exit of the well-recognized International Esport Federation and the formation of a relatively unregulated Asian Esports Federation in its place, as well as objections over the recruitment process for teams, which appears to blur national lines.

“These major international sporting events will increase the exposure and credibility of esports, creating additional opportunities for our esports athletes,” the president of the Australian Esports Association said in his country’s statement. “However we can not endorse Australian inclusion until governance concerns are addressed. Esports must be treated equally with the correct protections and integrity afforded to the athletes as expected in any other sport.”

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