EVE Online previews changes coming to mining moons

Mining makes the world go round for EVE Online. You need those resources to construct space stations, to build ships, and to barter with others in order to fight over the price of minerals extracted through mining, right? Right. So the changes coming to moon mining will have a pretty big impact; instead of passively mining from space, players will lift a whole chunk of the moon and then blast it apart so that individual ships can flit through and mine away. The whole process is explained in more detail in the most recent development post.

Players will have new ores mined from these moon chunks that refine into multiple different components rather than come out pre-processed, thus giving good reason for players to collect these new sorts of ore personally. The process of surveying a moon and the distribution of resources will also be adjusted, giving players plenty of reasons to pursue different moons for mining operations instead of simply parking at the most convenient ones. Check out the full entry to see how much fun it can be to lift off a chunk of rock from a moon and then dig for things from the rocks.


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Jeronimo Collares

CCP, stop ruined this game!

Alex Hurlbut

Stop ruining the game, you mean. This is actually intriguing. I agreed with what they’re trying to do; turning something passive into something active.

Kickstarter Donor

Exactly my thoughts as well


elaborate please
At least this could lead miners get more income, and more battles over a moon
I hope they help a little to mining ships, since they are gonna die like flies

Nick Smith

This… Looks… AWESOME!!! Can’t wait!

Sally Bowls

In advance of facts, I am inexorably led to Malcanis’ Law.