Ashes of Creation talks up its PAX West public demo, hires six more devs


If you’re heading to PAX West in September, you might want to make plans to visit the Ashes of Creation booth at the show. The team will be on hand to take groups of players on a tour through the MMO’s first public demo to get a taste of what the game might offer.

“The setting is a volcanic area that has been in turmoil since the world ended. A terrible evil lies dormant within the mountain,” said the team in a press release. “Players will get their first taste of combat, escorting caravans, and establishing a village node before diving into the dungeon.”

Intrepid Studios also announced that it has hired six new members for its team: Chris Myers (Senior Animator), Chris Atkins (Senior Character Artist), Javier Perez (Senior Environment Artist), Bernard Kauffman (Game Designer), Joshua Epel (Game Designer), and Ryan Richmond (Concept Artist). The studio is still looking to fill several other positions, including a game designer, community manager, and a producer.

Source: Press release

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all character look like garbage, ui looks like garbage, quest system looks like old school garbage, monster event system looks boring dull garbage, wardrobe design garbage, skill system go play a real game like aion or lineage 2 thats already considered somewhat old now skill system provides nothing exciting, combat system is tank and spank garbage mages should have range, and skills should have utility

background graphics is decent lookings. its not crysis but as far as mmos go its probably the best back ground art
but i dont play background art
they put all their effort into things that dont matter and forgot about the core of the game


this just makes me think its a painting


combat characters fashion and endgame guild content give me a quick idea of if a game is worthwhile to me not environments

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those dev names sound vaguely familiar..


Something something this game will fail something something stole money something something Kickstarter’s a scam something something ugly graphics something something something.


LOL, you’ve headed off the usual complainers!