Lord of the Rings Online has delayed Mordor’s release

Those of you who were hoping to casually stroll into the eponymous Mordor in Lord of the Rings Online will be sorely disappointed today, at least if you believed the launch plan. There was no shortage of speculation on whether or not the expansion would be delayed, and with no time left until the launch, that delay has happened. Officially, a bug was detected in the expansion that couldn’t be addressed before the originally planned July 31st launch date.

While the game will be delayed, there’s no official new date for the release of the expansion, although the original terms of release gave Standing Stone Games the option to delay for up to a month. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know if the game will release late in August or closer to now; all that’s known for sure right now is that it will not be today.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Rick, Nope, and Jim!
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