WildStar’s Homecoming update arrives on September 6


When you play WildStar, you have a house. It’s pretty much automatic. But wouldn’t you like to be able to have that house be part of a whole big gathering of houses with all of your friends? If you said yes, we’re pretty sure you’ll love the heck out of the game’s Homecoming update arriving on September 6th, which introduces the game’s Communities feature to allow everyone a chance to group up to form a neighborhood, even going so far as to occupy shared land space.

The game is also introducing a new Residential Renovation event to offer you more chances at redecorating your home along with expanded offerings for Prime content. It’s mostly going to be about the housing, but those of you more attuned to dynamic and challenging content will still have space to shine, so that’s all good. What’s not to enjoy?


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Didn’t they speak about neighborhoods even before launch?! o.O
I thought it was already part of the game for years!


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Danny Smith

Same day as Destiny 2. Great job Wildstar. You pulled a carbine again. You da bes’

Nathan Aldana

not just a destiny 2, buit a destiny 2 backed up by blizzard PR, and a goddamn /week/ after Argus launches on Wow and a mere couple weeks before GW2: Path of Fire.. talk about suicidal timing.

Kickstarter Donor


Same day as Destiny 2 console launch. Had they waited a week they’d have gotten away from it just a bit and increased their chances of getting press pickup/the press pickup they do get noticed, and wouldn’t be competing against an absolutely monster AAA launch, even if it is on consoles vs. PC.

It’s a “minor” thing given where the game is right now, but it’s indicative of the kind of poor decision making that’s left WildStar in the state it’s in now. Damn I wish Carbine could have ever truly pulled their act together. There were brief glimmers of hope around F2P, but it doesn’t look like those turned into anything more than brief glimmers : /