Star Wars: The Old Republic has launched Crisis on Umbara

Oh no problems.
You didn’t like having to wait unexpectedly for the next major update for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We totally understand that. But you don’t have to wait any longer; it’s out now, and you can go play it. That means you can enjoy picking up a new stronghold on a moving train, explore new storylines, and customize the heck out of Senya Tirall.

As much as you can customize any companion, at least.

If you’ve missed prior updates on the patch, you can also get a grip about the rewards included on the official site, you don’t need to go in blind. But the important takeaway is that the update is live and ready for you to enjoy, so jump on in and start exploring the dark side of the darkest planet. The whole thing is dark. That’s why it’s called “Umbara,” you see; Star Wars planets do not have subtle names.


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Except it doesn’t give you the stronghold, completing it simply gives you the right to BUY the stronghold for credits or cartel coins.


get the currency by doing the flashpoint and you get a discount :)

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Is the new stronghold available now for cartel coins? From what I’ve seen, you can only obtain it by using the new currency from the flashpoint and there’s a weekly cap of 50 but the stronghold costs 60. Which is rather irritating because now it can’t be unlocked until next week.


…Next week, there’s a weekly cap of 50 for the currency that unlocks it and it costs 60.