PAX West 2017: Trove’s next big patch will focus on clubs

While most of the focus at PAX West 2017 for Trove was on the Eclipse expansion that just released (with its new Atlas, Shadow Tower lobby and bosses, subclasses, and gem reforging), Artist and Designer Kumar Daryanani also shared with us the subject for the voxel game’s next big patch. “It’s going to be very heavily focused on clubs,” he said — clubs being the game’s equivalent of guilds and guild halls. “It’s on clubs, club gameplay, ways of getting people to play together, club activities, reasons to care about their club, and so on.”

Daryanani also offered some of the lore behind one of the new bosses in the Shadow Tower. Darknik Dreadnaught Mark II is actually the result of Darknik (who pilots Spkewalker, the first floor boss) getting sick and tired of losing the battles, so he built a new and improved war machine. That does lead you to wonder what happened to Darknik Dreadnaught Mark I? Daryanani said, “It is somewhere else, for now, but it might make it appearance in the future.” There’s more lore to be had, though. He advised, “Anyone who is interested in the lore of the game should essentially collect all of the styles and then open up the collection window, go to styles, and read through them all.”

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There is lore in Trove? clearly i didn’t pay attention to that, one thing i liked about Trove is not having lore in the game, so i hope developers keep the lore side simple.

Alright, going to re-install it this week :-)


Nice! Clubs have needed some attention for a while. I hope it brings a better member permissions interface, too.