Lawbreakers plans for new onboarding experience and a new map in September

I'll be gone soon.

If you’re a big fan of Lawbreakers, don’t be dissuaded by the game’s tiny player numbers on Steam; there’s plans in the wings! The development team released a new roadmap to fans detailing a new map (Namsan) and a new onboarding experience to help players understand how to play the game right out of the gate. There are also new Skirmishes coming, which are new temporary map modes that give players new ways to play the game in the short term.

Further out, players can look forward to another new map, the game’s first post-launch class being added to the game, and the inclusion of the game’s competitive ranked league. The roadmap ends by reassuring players not to worry about those small user counts, which is of course totally reassuring and means that everything will probably be all right.


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Bryan Correll

Onboarding? Is that an enhanced interrogation method?

James Crow

Hope Not.
cash shops are the worst thing that ever happen to the players.

i have overwatch,QuakeChampions,Doom & Lawbreaker and i have to say that LB is one of the best ArenaShooters out there.

sorry but im not a big fan of OW.