World of Warcraft audio drama shows what happened to Alleria and Turalyon

From the past.

The open question of “where are Alleria and Turalyon” was bouncing around in World of Warcraft pretty much as soon as players got to Outland and didn’t see them. Now they’re finally in the game, but the game also offers only hints and rumors about the transition between being in Outland at the end of Warcraft II and where they are now. We know they’re part of the Army of Light and that they’ve had some adventures, but what were those adventures?

Well, why not listen to about two hours of audio drama below? That’ll clear things right up.

Titled “A Thousand Years of War,” the audio drama gives a comprehensive look at what happened to the ranger and paladin when they first encountered the Army of Light, how they reached their current place, and what several of their offhand references to past events really mean. It’s a lengthy listen, but if you’re a lore fiend, you’ll probably enjoy all of it. Check it out just below, and don’t worry, as long as you keep listening, you don’t need to watch the actual video.

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So wait….they went from
you have to raid to see the story to you have to go on Youtube?

Oh well back to ESO.


Back in my day, Blizzard could tell their stories within their games. It was a glorious time, children.


Hey guys, let’s put some stuff about important lore characters that the playerbase has been clamoring for in some youtube vids instead of in the actual game! That shouldn’t lead to confusion about our “lore!” Hey, that’s lateral marketing, right? Kids’ll love this!


I mean, they could have just done a book detailing all of it instead.

Y’know, like they’ve done for other significant events like the shit revolving around Cataclysm, or wtf Malfurion was up to for so long between WC3 and Cata, or wtf happened to Varian Wrynn (detailed in a comic book series), or why the hell the Archmage of Dalaran was some fiery haired guy named Rhonin that apparently banged the youngest Windrunner sister (both of whom had literally no presence in WC lore outside of a few books; one of which actually involved Deathwing + the Demon Soul and what was going on in Grim Batol long before Cataclysm was even conceived).

Or hell, even Illidan’s perspective of events was never detailed in WoW until the Legion expansion, and you could argue that the book Illidan was only done because Blizzard realized they fucked over an iconic character by turning him into a generic final raid boss (not even THE final boss of the expansion) with the only justification being, “he went coo-coo and is attacking everyone because he’s cray-cray, kill him now!”

Really if you’re going to choose now of all times to complain about important lore being put outside of the game, I could go into MANY more details about all the craziness that hasn’t been covered in the Warcraft games (or only touched on at best). And afaik this is only their second audio drama series that they’ve done, the first of which was detailing Khadghar vs Gul’dan in the Tomb of Sargeras right before the start of the Legion expansion.


Yes, kids love it, including me, lore outside the game is nothing new, and since this is a free audio drama i don’t see the big deal here, many of player base visit websites like Wowhead where they’ll see a post about this story.

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Hey remember that article that placed WoW as so-so on the scale of lore-heaviness?