Trove’s November 14 update revitalizes guilds, adds East Asian biome

Trion has just announced a “massive” free expansion for its cutesy voxel sandbox Trove, launching on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, all on November 14th. If you were wondering what ever happened to that club (guild) update teased at PAX, this is it.

“Clubs can now level up! Clubs gain experience through participation in the new Adventure system,” explains Senior Producer Ricky “Din Othar” White. “As a club’s level increases, slots are unlocked to support new types of structures called fixtures. These fixtures provide stats, boosts, and bonuses, some that have never been seen before in Trove. […] At the release of the update, we’ll include 18 different fixtures, each of which can be upgraded twice, creating a ton of different combos. It’ll be up to your club’s leadership to decide which fixtures are placed down at a given time and in what order they are upgraded!”

Clubs will also be able to dish out quests called adventures “ranging from simple, like fishing up an old boot, to challenging, like defeating a Shadow Titan.” We’re going to tentatively assume that you don’t need to panic if you’re not in a club and don’t want to be, as it’s somewhat standard in Trove for many clubs, especially those run by streamers, to open their bases to the public.

White also introduces a brand-new biome for the game, dubbed the Forbidden Spires.

“This great new Eastern-themed landscape visually replaces the Uber-6 prime world and appears randomly in other prime worlds. Explore its magnificent peaks and valleys while adventuring through all-new dungeons, obtaining great décor recipes, gathering the new mining resource known as cinnabar, and collecting feathers to craft your very own Ancient Phoenix mount!”

Further additions include a new tutorial, new building frameworks, plasma fishing (for real now), and new blinking LED blocks that we assume are designed to literally make you go blind.


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Nick Smith

Great! Trove has been one of the top 3 mmos I currently play and has been since beta. Im really looking forward to this update :)

Kickstarter Donor

Trove is still a thing? I’m not being sarcastic at all — I just didn’t know it was still a going concern these days.

Chris Moss

I was addicted to playing this game from Beta up til about a year after full release. It was so fun being able to level their classes, while building my house and club world. The things people can create in that game is just amazing.

One club world had an entire island of musical train tracks you drive over with your hover cart. They had all types of classical music, pop songs, anime songs, etc etc