PSA: WildStar is giving out free level 50 characters in preparation for next week’s raid

Full of sound and fury. Sadly.

Time to skip over all of that meaty, pesky leveling content and enjoy an express pass to the endgame in WildStar… if that is your desire, of course. Carbine announced that it is once again giving out free level 50 characters to anyone who claims them by November 5th by logging into the game.

There is a big caveat here, which is that if you took advantage of this boost the last time WildStar did a giveaway, you can’t get another one this time around. The boost comes with a load of freebies, including gear, a mount, a housing teleport, path rewards, and a port to your faction’s capital city.

There is a sinister and devious reason behind Carbine’s attempt to shoo everyone to level 50, which is that WildStar is dropping a major content update next week. The update will raise the prime level cap on instances to 15 and open up the Genetic Archives Prime Level 1 raid. OK, maybe not so sinister or devious.

Source: WildStar
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