Wild West Online resets early access for November 15, still plans 2017 launch


Following all the delays and weirdness this past fall┬áduring which the game was declared “just not ready yet,” the team behind Wild West Online has now declared that its early access alpha is a go on November 15th, promising 100 quests, 20 historical guns, and two public events.

“Since going into Technical Server Test Alpha, the development team has used community feedback to make Wild West Online a cowboy’s dream will continue to use community feedback to shape the game. In this next phase, Early Access Alpha, the development team will continue building out the larger world, adding polish and integrating new content to create the best experience for players. In Early Access Alpha players will find a large game map filled with varied environments, NPCs and other players. They will hunt, mine for gold, embark on quests and missions given by NPCs and participate in server wide public PVP events. Players will progress their character, unlocking new abilities and access to new and better gear. They can customize their character, upgrade their guns and trusty stead. In the future players will embark on claiming land for themselves to create their own homestead.”

612 Games still says the “full release is planned for later this year.” We took a peek at the female toons yesterday!

Source: Press release
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