Camelot Unchained builds out deathmatch gameplay for Saturday Night Sieges


Last week, Camelot Unchained posted up its big plans for test hoopla, including its Saturday Night Sieges. In CSE’s latest newsletter, it outlines its testing of the first version of deathmatch gameplay for those events.

“Most recently, we’ve been focusing on tracking down a performance issue preventing us from opening up Hatchery to our IT Backers, but we’ve got some good leads,” writes the studio. “If we can get those resolved, we’re hoping to reopen the server to IT next week!”

The team has also been working on NPCs, the scenario system, performance improvements, siege engines and ammo, the emote system, new UI icons, clothing, concept art, and character animations, chiefly for emotes and new weapons. My favorite, however, is the latest round of concept clothing, this batch for the Tuatha de Danann. You can check that out along with the team’s weekly wrap-up down below!

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