Project W, Project Z, and God Slayer Online all teased ahead of G-Star 2017


NCsoft tipped its hand on its upcoming Project TL/Lineage Eternal do-over, Blade & Soul 2, and Aion Tempest, but it’s far from the only East Asian company pumping out new games.

As Steparu chronicles, Bluehole is indeed still working on Project W. We don’t know a whole lot, but there are a few snippets in the company’s G-Star trailer showing this MMORPG’s decidedly steampunk aesthetic.

ChangYou, which I still can’t forgive for killing off Zentia in the west, has a codenamed MMO of its own on the way: Project Z Online. According to Steparu, it’s a classic tab-target PC MMORPG that eschews gender-locked characters.

Finally, there’s God Slayer Online, also from ChangYou, which we’ve covered before during its looooooong beta testing and in its current iteration is much more focused on combat and customization.

We’ve tucked the relevant videos down below. Anything you’re looking forward to porting westward?


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Chosenxeno .

Behold! The future of P2W Asian Grindfests…

Jacob Golden

Really hope your wrong enough of those already.
hopefully they learn there lesson eventually like bdo though wont hold my breath

Kickstarter Donor

Project W has my interest but only because I’ve played TERA for so long. Project TL I think will be more up my ally after everything is said and done though.

Jacob Golden

I played tera but got pissed at it soon after playing so quit but this still has my attention that said cant find any new news from 2018 all the available news is out dated