Fortnite’s latest patch adds launch pads and shotguns


The newest patch for Fortnite is adding a new type of trap that doesn’t really feel like much of a trap. The launch pad trap in Battle Royale mode is a trap in terms of mechanics, but in actual play what it does is let you throw yourself into the air and deploy your glider mid-match, allowing you to drop in on your opponents with an unexpected mid-air assault. Cackling madly and shouting that they can run but they can’t glide is unnecessary, but permitted.

No such aerial antics are being added to the game’s survival mode, however; there, you’re just getting a handy array of new shotguns to use against the zombie hordes. Is there any weapon more associated with smacking zombies? (Aside from perhaps the chainsaw or stultifying boredom.) Check out the full patch notes for all of the changes, including the usual array of quality-of-life improvements that come with any new patch.


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Melissa McDonald

Shotguns are ridiculously overpowered in FPS games I have played. They are definitely lethal IRL, but not from 200 feet away.

Joshua Wells

Whoa. Shotguns. In a shooter. Cutting edge.


Funny you say that because I’m generally disappointed in a shooter if it lacks the good ole shotgun.