Trove’s Adventures expansion is live now with a new biome and huge club upgrades

Cutesy voxel sandbox Trove has just pushed out its long-awaited club update to PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and yep, it’s free for all players, with new adventures for guilds, a brand-new East Asian-themed biome called Forbidden Spires, the new tutorial, new building frameworks, plasma fishing, and new blinking LED blocks.

“Clubs can now level up! Clubs gain experience through participation in the new Adventure system,” Trion explained last month. “As a club’s level increases, slots are unlocked to support new types of structures called fixtures. These fixtures provide stats, boosts, and bonuses, some that have never been seen before in Trove. […] At the release of the update, we’ll include 18 different fixtures, each of which can be upgraded twice, creating a ton of different combos. It’ll be up to your club’s leadership to decide which fixtures are placed down at a given time and in what order they are upgraded!”

Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie chatted with Trion last week all about the expansion and how it’s breathing new life into these massive guild worlds, so get caught up on the details there, and then stay tuned for this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. EDT, when we’ll stream the expansion ourselves and take a tour of player creations. In the meantime, the brand-new trailer is below!

Source: Press release

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Fixes have been put in for Club XP gain. And anyone who could not get credit for adventures because they had logged in pre-patch yesterday should be ok now. (There was some mention of potential compensation for the problem, but no word yet on if that will happen or what it will be. Maybe a bit of free adventurine for everyone would be nice. ;) )


I’ve seen these CVS buildings popping up all around our area and I didn’t know what they were until now.

Cutesy Voxel Sandbox.

I’m going to have to go check that out.


I like the new member permissions for the club worlds. This finally makes club management a real possibility. Now they need to add an interface for zone permissions within the club world. That part is still a bit clunky. :)

Added the base fixtures to my club and on my goodness do they take up space. I’m not sure I realized they would be structures quite that massive, but they look good and I will be checking out some adventures later.