The Daily Grind: What’s keeping you from going back to a favorite MMO?

It’s weird to think that I’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic on and off since its release. Seems like such a long time ago. I’ve had great memories in that game and still appreciate the work that the team put into the cinematic stories, voice acting, and the occasional moral choice.

But as of late, it’s been more “off” than “on,” especially following the most recent expansion. I don’t like the subscription-locked endgame system, and pretty much everyone keeps advising me just to finish the story and then ditch the game. That’s disheartening to me. So I’ve been waiting to see what BioWare has in store for the long-term future. Depending on the direction that the game goes, I could see going back. Just not right now.

What’s keeping you from going back to one of your favorite MMOs? Is it a change, a lack of friends, or something else entirely?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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It’s hard to pick a favorite, since that has changed several times throughout the years. However, the key reasons usually are:
-Game has new paid features I don’t like
-My friends don’t play anymore
-Game is functionally dated and doesn’t look or work so great on current computers. (e.g. Maplestory, FFXI)

Zen Dadaist

My main character being unplayable with no ETA on when the Dev(s) can fix it. That is literally what is stopping me form playign Anarchy Online right now. Yes I have a ton of well-setup alts and keep up my raidleading obligations with them etc but… she’s my main. I want to play my main :(

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what class? I used to main a MP :-)

Zen Dadaist

It’s an Engineer. I like MPs too. Have several of them in fact!


Personally, its been a slew of technical issues with new operating systems. My old favorite MMO, Rift, has caused numerous issues anytime I try to install it on a Windows10 machine. Worst of which is a security privilege problem which makes it impossible to read-write, uninstall, or do anything with the Rift folder in my ProgramFiles86 folder that conventional solutions have no effect on. With Lord of the Rings Online, the launcher won’t expand larger than 5% of my screen’s resolution, making it impossible to navigate.

Even when you get into play these MMO’s you see that your Guild is disbanded, the store front is more invasive than ever, and your end-game gear is now worthless (which is to be expected but still).

It’s even worse if the classes have been messed around with and your old macros need to be tweaked or recreated all-together. In the end you have wall after wall after wall before you can actually start playing with each one more discouraging than the last. It’s pretty hard to want to take so much time from your schedule when you could just as easily play a few matches of Overwatch and put it back down.

Also I miss Ultima Online…

Alex Malone

The primary reason is usually changes to mechanics.

The vanilla version of every game I’ve played has usually been the most enjoyable and challenging. There is usually more group content, its usually harder, there is the most class interdependance, crafting hasn’t become so trivial that everyone is twinked out.

Over time, MMOs always dumb themselves down. As number of players drop, devs assume that by making it easier it will be more enjoyable for more people. Unfortunately, that process of dumbing down drives me away. I find myself bored by the majority of the gameplay and can only find enjoyment either PvPing or endgame raiding.

The secondary reason is lack of content.

Most MMOs are linear and follow vertical progression models. That means that 99% of the content you can only do once whilst leveling. Not only is that shitty design, but I also don’t enjoy leveling. So, I am reliant on endgame pvp and dungeons/raids. As time goes on, players like me move on and so devs end up focusing on the casual market, developing ever more leveling content or casual content and ignoring endgame. So, not only is the content easier than it used to be, there is less of it.

Jeffery Witman

SWG: Killed by SWTOR.

Tibia: Been gone too long to catch up with the active players.

DDO: I’d have to start from scratch again because it’s been so long. I don’t know if I can take the Waterworks again.

Neverwinter: I left when they raised the level cap and completely changed the item system from dungeon loot to the grindy feeder system that they all use now. I might go back one day, but I really disliked the change enough for it to sour the whole game for me.

Star Conflict: I have loved first person flight/space combat since the first time I sat in an Afterburner arcade machine as a kid. This was awesome and beautiful to play, but the addition of heavily pay 2 win ships, especially the Destroyers, and modules meant the only way to keep up was with bigger and bigger purchases. The changing of play modes to include AI “pvp” arena battles didn’t go well, either. It killed the whole pvp arena scene in the game.

TSW: Killed by SWL.

I’m slowly phasing out of SWL as well and soon I can see that I won’t be playing it much at all. I’m half way through Orochi tower and unless season 2 comes out, I doubt I’ll be logging in at all once it’s complete. The gear grind is both mindlessly inane and pointless to playing the game’s story. I’m already overpowered for story mode and I’m not even to 300 IP. I’ve also wasted a lot of time and energy on making other sets of gear that are now pointless, refuse to pay for Patron after the first two months because it’s just extortion for basic QoL without much real advantages (daily keys, only if you log in, are a joke since after 2 months the only thing it ever gave me of value was a cheap demon horse mount and a bunch of distillates that add up to a drop in the bucket when compared to what you need to upgrade your gear.

Overall, the lack of social interaction, the lack of needing to depend on other players, and the lack of business models that aren’t hyper exploitation are driving me away from the genre as a whole. SWG had a great community on Chilastra that I miss a lot. DDO had a great setup that makes grouping up easy while requiring it to succeed in the game, but began to erode that with their Solo modes. TSW was a lot of fun with a great community, but that has not carried over to SWL for the most part.

The whole point of MMOs, for me at least, is to have actual people to interact with, whether as opponents or Friends (or both). Too many games in the genre today are just solo games with everyone doing the same quests separately, side-by-side, and the only interaction you have with them are in random, auto-grouped, instanced dungeons, or the auction house. It ruins the whole point of playing MMOs when everything is set up that way. The social aspect is just gone.


FFXIV security token. Have to call to have it removed but I work at all hours that they take calls so it’s always just out of reach. Also a little demotivating that some guy who became guildmaster after I left was waiting for our housing to expire so he could collect all the money. Folks who could still log in would do so just to keep the house from expiring and delay the guy’s plans but eventually it did indeed go.

Hell, I don’t even know if I’m still in my own guild. When I eventually get back in there I could be guildless. So I’ll continue to play everything else but keep FFXIV on my mind and frown. :(

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That’s easy…it’s closed. /em holdtorch


Yup, you said it.


I think what keeps my away from SWTOR is the sheer about of Nutters and down right mean people that play the game…..seriously, it seems like Bioware has no desire to foster any type of a decent community.

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Space Captain Zor

I was pretty close to going back to SWTOR until they made it so I lost my beloved character names.

tony quinn

Gonna get a lot of crap over this but here is why I don’t go back to my favorite MMO
1. WoW boring tab target combat system with a used up platform and it just keeps using the same ole places same ole look with a different twist overpriced overrated like Apple.
2.SWTOR wow had high hopes for this game but come on how can you mess up a classic legend like this oh wait its Bioware we paid millions of dollars for voice overs but used a Nintendo 64 platform to start. 3. LOTR loved this game period great story but old outdated graphics and why didn’t you shift it to a updated something???. 4. Wildstar well NCSOFT I could stop there but what a waste of a fun great combat system with a stupid everything else. I have tried to go back no one there. Well this doesn’t include all the money I have wasted on Rift Tera Revelation GW2 ESO which at this moment I am playing because uh not sure why, sandbox out the ears and just cant do them, but no one has come out with a strong action combat trinity system great story updated graphics with something different every way what a shame. Suppose I will just elude to my new hobby learning how to play a guitar even though I love gaming.