MassivelyOP’s 2017 gift guide for the Blizzard fanatic


With the new expansion, official vanilla servers, and all of the other news from BlizzCon this year, it’s a great time to be a World of Warcraft fan. But Blizzard has other games too!

This year, our sales team has once again put together a couple of gift guides pertinent to our MMO readers. Please note that Amazon links are affiliate links and may grant a small commission to us, which is very much appreciated. Read to see some of the fun stuff you can get for the Blizzard-lover in your life!

2016’s epic Warcraft movie is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and in 4K Ultra HD, so you can really enjoy the saliva dripping from every orc tooth. Sure, it only has a 28% score on Rotten Tomatoes but it has 77% positive user ratings, so actual WoW fans seem to have enjoyed it quite a bit. And that could be you! And if not, well, it would make a pretty fun gag gift too.

Would you like a minipet lockbox in real life? Blizzard has you covered with the Cute But Deadly Series 2 mystery box. Could be Tyrande, could be Tracer, could be a Treasure Goblin. But at least there will be something in the box, not just another box! (The same company is willing to open the box for you, for a small fee. But where’s the fun in that?)

What can you do once you’ve bought all of the cosmetic upgrades to make your favorite Overwatch hero look amazing? Bring your Overwatch obsession into real life, of course! I’ve picked the D.Va shirt here because it’s objectively better than whatever hero you like. JINX offers a wide variety of grown-up-sized OW merch, but Amazon has everything down to the Reinhardt onesie your 6-month-old has surely been begging for.

Wishing you could pre-order the next World of Warcraft expansion? Sorry, you can’t. So why not pre-order the next World of Warcraft novel instead? Christie Golden’s Before the Storm promises to be the prequel that explains how Anduin and Sylvanas came to be the great leaders you’ve probably grown to love/hate. Or if you prefer a book that’s already in print, you can really go back to the start with 2016’s Rise of the Horde.

Now that WoW is officially going Vanilla, you’ll need to build yourself a new way to escape from Azeroth. This model of the Dark Portal might be a little small to fit through yourself, but it should be perfect if you want to send Thrall through to Hellfire Peninsula. Try not to get stomped by the gigantic, level-inappropriate mobs!

If you’ve seen something else that would be amazing for a Blizzard fan, please drop it in the comments, and when you’re doing your holiday shopping, consider using our Amazon links to help support the site. Thank you and happy Blizzarding!


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Malcolm Swoboda

I wish there was a Diablo 3 megasale :(


Holy molly that Dark Portal looks amazing!


Wait what, no warcraft recipe book anywhere… it’s fun for all ages and ultimately provides jobs to food poisoning specialists anywhere…. think of the children!

Kickstarter Donor

Ah, good ol’ Staffy Stafferson. I’ve been following your work for years now. It was sad seeing your career go down in flames at the New York Times but I’m glad to see you landed on your feet somewhere.

And for what it’s worth, I thought your editorial piece advocating for the paternal rights of Cornish game hens was eloquently written if not slightly mad. You’ll do well here at Massively OP.


Yay, new staff member! ;P
Welcome and happy Blizzarding to you too, Staffy Stafferson! XD

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Haha. Last year I put them under my name I think, but they don’t really sound like me (he’s funnier!), so this year, I made him his very own Staffy Stafferson account. I think he was joking when he requested Staffy Stafferson, but I’m not letting a funny name go to waste!


What no $5 WoW boxed copies in stores for the altaholics this year. The gift that keeps on giving. Find someone you know that hates WoW or hasn’t even tried it and it is the perfect stocking stuffer. MJ I need the address to send your copy to. :P

Sally Bowls

No! It was a horrible year for alcoholics. Last year’s $5 Wow included a character boost IIRC. This year the price doubled to $10 and no boost. Why aren’t the Belgiums investigating this travesty of justice???