Winter Veil brings frosty fun to World of Warcraft


Abominable Greenches, kissing under the mistletoe, fruitcake, and snowball fights: Winter Veil must be here.

World of Warcraft has been building up its holiday festival for years and years now, so there is more than enough to do if you are chasing achievements, decorating your garrison, or looking for a break in the gear grind. This year there are a few small additions, such as snow globes to float around in, wooden toy weapons, and the addition of the holiday hat to a few Legion dungeon boss drop tables.

Both Icy Veins and Wowhead have guides to help you navigate this holiday, but no matter what, make sure you log in between December 25th and January 2nd to pick up your free presents underneath the Christmas tree!


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I got the very hard (to me) to get new addition this year: Snow Globe Yeti pet last night so I’m happy!