Valiance Online previews its maps as it hunts down bugs

How near, how far.

Hunting down bugs in a video game is not the same as hunting down enemies. That’s true even if the bug is a severe one, like the one that Valiance Online is currently trying to fix up wherein sometimes the client crashes when projectiles strike an enemy. This is a rather significant bug in a game where you expect lots of characters to fight with eye beams, hand beams, and other forms of beam as necessary; the developers are hard at work tracking it down.

But herein lies the problem: Since it isn’t like tracking down enemies, the developers cannot use the previewed in-game map to go to the zone where all of the bugs are located and killed them. Game development does not work that way. You, however, can check out the map and get a gander at the street layouts, which will help you significantly if you’re in the current alpha test or just look forward to signing on later. Although perhaps you should just stick with good old-fashioned super strength if you do.

Source: Twitter
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