Crowfall is spicing up its maps with ‘adventure parcels’

Place after place.

The maps in Crowfall are assembled in a combination of procedural and hand-crafted generation. Individual bits are hand-crafted, but the maps as a whole are put together using these linking pieces. Players have seen plenty of the stronghold parcels of maps (places where you can build things) and the wilderness parcels (places where you can harvest materials to build things), but the maps also contain adventure parcels, filled with dangerous critters to hunt for valuable materials.

These parcels are also constructed from several smaller parts, but they allow players to feel guided through rough terrain in a different way, complete with cosmetic layers and different possible layouts to ensure that while the parts might be recognizable, the overall map never becomes repetitive. You can check out all of the details in the recent dispatch about how these parcels guide you through danger; there’s also an article about handling your graphics settings in the game’s newest test builds if you just want to improve your performance or the look of the game.


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Are these things that players can choose to place in the otherwise-safe Eternal Kingdoms? Or are they some hand-created elements that will appear in the otherwise procedurally generated PvP realms? (Apologies if my terminology is out of date!)


You mean like the parcels that they have for sale in their cash shop and their “backer backages”?…..