Check out the gameplay and Awakening of Black Desert’s Lahn class

Good news, everyone! If you’ve been closely following the Korean launch of Lahn in Black Desert, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new awakening gameplay trailer out for her now in conjunction with the launch. And this time, it’s not just showing off some posing; it’s actually showing off the class gameplay, abilities, awakening, all of that fun stuff.

Spoiler warning: There’s a lot of spinning cutting stuff and shouting. And a rather inappropriate gown, but of course that’s in there.

The whole trailer below clocks in at just over five minutes and shows off all of the relevant tricks your character has access to, complete with helpful subtitles to explain what everything does. Check it out if you can’t wait until the character is in your hands over here in the west to find out what she can do.

Source: YouTube; thanks to Carl for the tip!
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