Black Desert lays out roadmap with new toon, region, class swapping, and weapon buffs

Over the weekend during South Korea’s FESTA event, Pearl Abyss slipped out the news that Black Desert is due to get another character: Ran. Turns out that when importing her westward, Kakao is calling her Lahn (not the first time that’s happened), and the studio explained there’s much more coming than what trickled across the oceans a few days back.

For starters, Lahn is indeed on the way; she’s a dual-wielder who carries a “unique crescent scythe” and a short-sword offhander and zips through the air. She’ll be accompanied by a new territory in the game, Dreegan, home to dragons. Bring a group!

But beyond Lahn and Dreegan, Kakao says PA has nearly halved the game’s client size and boosted FPS performance in a streamlining project coming to fruition next week. That includes a major UI makeover and 3-D minimap that shows elevation.

And quality-of-life fixes haven’t been forgotten: Expect new material gathering minigames, the “enrichment” of “existing content,” improvements to level training and horses, more engrossing tutorials, an overhaul to the quest system in the form of a storybook mode, new modes for PvP, alt-character swapping while in the game, a gear engraving system, and a massive buff in power for standard main weapons to balance out awakening weapons.

“The standard main-weapon skills will increase in power to be on par with the current awakening-weapon skills, so players can choose the skills that serve them best. Known as Absolute skills, these will allow players to switch combat strategies on the fly, making for even more diverse and engaging combos and movesets. Pearl Abyss has announced they are working on an update to the skill customization system, where players can combine & fuse certain skills to create new ones. What’s different with this announcement is that players will be able to fuse skills of their choice to create new skills instead of following the fusion formulas available.”

The huge list of upcoming additions has no hard dates for the most part, with some of these slated for next year and some, like the character swapping system, launch in Korea next week. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer and the new images of Lahn and the new region!

Source: Kakao press release
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