Gloria Victis adds treasure hunting and preps female characters


It’s been a while since we last checked in with Gloria Victis, so let us see what is going on with this medieval MMORPG, shall we?

Back in December, the team patched in several features into the alpha build, including excavation points (yay, treasure hunting!), dozens of new quests, a pair of new guild castles, more revisions to the territory claim system, and a faster way to jump into inter-guild conflicts.

The first big update to Gloria Victis in 2018 added a “massive” fortress and more looting zones. The team is also excited to give its community a first look at female character models. “Our artists are now working on it full-time to introduce it as soon as possible,” the team said. “It requires reworking all of the armor models to make them fit to female character — it will take few weeks.”

Source: Gloria Victis. ThanksĀ!
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