RIFT announces ‘prime’ subscription-only server for spring 2018

That is definitely a thing.
[AL:Rift]Challenge servers are so last year. It’s 2018, and RIFT is changing course with its idea for a fresh start by creating a server for this spring called RIFT Prime.

In Trion Worlds’ state of the game post for the MMO, the studio said that discussion and feedback over the challenge server idea led to a slightly different tack, which is to make a fresh start server with a different business model (no lockboxes and a smaller store presence), accelerated progress, monthly milestones, special rewards that carry over to other servers, and an “end” to the server’s run at a designated date.

“We have the opportunity to experiment with this fresh RIFT server using an oft-requested subscription model and progressively unlocked content,” Trion said. “Our goal for RIFT Prime is to provide the experience that many of you have requested: no lockboxes, a significantly reduced store with more of the current store-based items obtained through gameplay (or removed entirely) — plus the excitement of sequential progression through RIFT’s content with monthly milestones and achievements.”

RIFT Prime isn’t the only idea that the devs are working on for this year. A new PvP warfront is in the works, a classic raid is being revamped, and instant adventures in Droughtlands and Moonshade Highlands are upcoming.

Source: RIFT
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