Skyforge prepares to roll out its achievement system and asks for more ideas

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Achievements! They’re how you track your overall progress through the game, see how many bizarre things you’ve accomplished, and sometimes even earn some fun stuff along the way. So that’s all good. And they’re coming to Skyforge soon, so you can start grabbing some achievements and possibly investigating corners of the game you’ve never had reason to dive into. Or you can quantify your accomplishments as a player based on the stuff you’ve already done, one or the other.

But how can you be sure that the achievements will cover everything important? The answer is that you can’t be sure, but you can take part in the new contest to come up with achievements and send them in. Winners get Argents, special headpieces, and the respect of their peers… by having the achievements added into the game when the system goes live. Although we suspect “win the contest to have an achievement added to the game” is not going to win or be added.

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Indigo Salma

How about better group tools? Still terrible as always. Grouping up still takes hours and no luck finding a party.